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MCU Bachelor’s Degree Program Goals

Preamble: The MCU undergraduate program offers a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSM) degree. The BSM program provides a general education and prepares graduates to become a knowledgeable, skilled and independent Certified Professional Midwife who specializes in community birth settings.  BSM graduates will have knowledge of and proficiency in MEAC’s Curriculum Checklist of Essential Competencies, which includes the internationally recognized core competencies and guiding principles set forth by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) in addition to requirements for national certification of the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) and the core competencies of Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA).  MEAC’s accreditation criteria for midwifery education programs reflect the unique components and philosophy of the Midwives Model of Care.


A midwife of technical expertise

Goal #1: The undergraduate program aims to prepare graduates to practice at the full scope of the Certified Professional Midwife credential through the demonstration of broad, integrative, and specialized knowledge.

A midwife of professional excellence

Goal #2:  The undergraduate program aims to advance equity and access in midwifery, as well as to prepare graduates to serve in diverse communities in culturally safe, ethical, and collaborative ways.

A midwife of personal greatness

Goal #3:  The undergraduate program aims to prepare graduates for reflective practice and a perpetual commitment to advance quality and professional direct-entry midwifery.


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Professional Goals

Goal #1: In 2022, I will critically review every practice guideline that my preceptor has in order to best understand the risks and benefits of informed consent documents. 

Progress (December 2022): I was able to do so and made handfuls of my own practice guidelines in classes MDWF 2010 and MWDF 2020 that relate to prenatal care.

Goal #2: I will average 1-2 doula clients a month and 2-4 births a month as a student midwife.

Progress (December 2022): I did it! I had a total of 6 doula clients this year and attended a total of 28 births. 

Goal #3: I will focus on advancing my hands-on skills in the year 2022.

Progress (December 2022): I can with confidence say that I was able to achieve this. I now feel very comfortable with hands-on prenatal care skills and am becoming more comfortable with my assistant skills at deliveries. I am proficient at blood draws and am getting better with IVs. My next goal is to get better at vaginal exams as well as PAP smears. 


Baby Toes

Personal Goals

Goal #1: I will continue to make the time that I am home with my family meaningful and when I am home I will be present. 

Progress (December 2022): While this was challenging at times, I was able to do this. I have spent lots of quality time with my family and we even had the opportunity to go on a family vacation this summer to California. 

Goal #2: I will continue to put time and dedication into saddle-breaking my quarter horse mare. 

Progress (December 2022): I was not able to spend as much time as I wanted with my horse this year. This was partly due to the age of my youngest child (1yr old). He is not yet to the age of self-entertainment so my only free time is when someone is either watching the children for me or they are sleeping. Unfortunately, these are the best times to do school work and I had plenty of that this year so my horse was put on the back burner. 

Goal #3: Upon completing school, we would like to add another baby to our family. 


Photo Courtesy of Taylor Blazina

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